Positive Party Box Bundle for 3-8 year olds

Positive Party Box Bundle for 3-8 year olds

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We are delighted to launch our 'Positive Party Package' so you can host small birthday parties at home for your child.

As it becomes increasingly difficult with the current 'rule of 6' restrictions to host normal children parties - we are excited to now offer an 'alternative' arty party with our positive party package. Which is aimed at small home parties for 6 people.

Each package contains six craft wellbeing boxes (one box is for the hosting adult) which include everything you need to create fabulous mindful craft activities.

The boxes help promote positivity, happiness, resilience, mindfulness, awareness and help children adapt to change.

The activities are designed to help children open up through creativity, discussion and have fun!

You can also use these boxes as an alternative to party bags for the child to take home.

The party attendees will receive the same box, so they can all make their craft activities together.

The craft wellbeing party box helps children with:

- A positive mindset
- Appreciate their friends
- Be happy in the present moment
- Be grateful for small things around them

We provide complete craft activities in the boxes including a 'colour a birthday hat' as one of the activities.

Our Positive Party package is for children aged between 3-8 and 9-13.