Mindful craft for children

Every day we fill our brains up with information, such as watching TV, phones, social media and excessive screen-time. Our brains become 'mind fall' instead of mindful.

By letting these busy thoughts go, there is more space in our brains to respond well, feel more happier and content and bounce back when things don't go the way we want them to - this is called resilience.

By helping your child to handle both the highs and the lows of life, they will be more resilient and can successfully manage themselves in a variety of environments.

Children who have a positive mindset are less likely to develop depression and anxiety as they get older. So taking a preventative approach is key in their younger years.

The Happy Craft Box helps your child grow a strong healthy brain through creativity and mindfulness.

The Happy Craft Box helps children:

  • How to cope with change and uncertainty
  • Be aware and happy with their surroundings
  • Be grateful for things around them
  • Practise being still and calm
  • How to focus on the small great things
  • Use meditation to clear busy thoughts
  • Help your mind and body work together in harmony
  • Creating an environment to feel calm
  • Use Yoga to energise the body and calm the mind
  • How to break the cycle of worry and anxiety

Examples of activities in the boxes

  • Sun Paper Prints
  • Cloud Art
  • Zen Wooden Mobile
  • Nature Potpourri
  • Family & Friend Bunting
  • Create your own dragon
  • Zen Den
  • Salute The Sun
  • Create your own Mandala
  • Rainbow Cards
  • Windchime
  • Gratitude Tree
  • Wave breathes
  • Nature crowns
  • Lanterns

Ready to give your child the superpower of emotional intelligence?

Help support your child's emotional wellbeing and happiness and join the UK’s original mindful craft box. The letterbox craft kits are delivered to your door complete with everything your child needs to enjoy the activities. 

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